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The most versatile tabletop grill. ever.

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Cutting-edge features & finishes designed for optimal heat distribution & control.

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Adjustable & Rotatable

Cooking Grates

Insulated Interior

Between Inner + Outer Shells


Anodized Aluminum Inner Shell

Stainless Steel

Outer Shell + Side Rods

Cast Iron

Griddle + Charcoal Grate

Food Grade Silicone

Legs + Handles + Mitts

Tabletop Safe
Over-fire Cooking

A Tabletop Grill With Loads of Incredible Features + Attachments


Cook Anything right in the middle of your table


designed & engineered to create a seamless connection between outdoor cooking and hosting.

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Meet, the bola grill...

The Most Versatile, Feature-rich Tabletop Safe Grill in the World

A portable charcoal grill designed and engineered to created delicious meals and lasting memories.

Featuring a matte powder coated stainless steel exterior offered in both Sea Salt White or Charcoal Black finishes.

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Anodized Aluminum

A Lid to Behold

  • Lightweight
  • Hollowed out stainless steel handle
  • Removable thermometer that can read up to 900° F
  • Adjustable vent for heat retention and smoking
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Stainless Steel

Side Rods

  • Easily insert into grill base
  • Marked for "Low Heat, Medium, and High Heat" reference
  • Connect any Bola attachment with ease
  • Slide cooking grates up and down effortlessly
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Anodized Aluminum

Adjustable & Rotatable Rings

  • Easily adjustable (with even a 1° tilt) for ultimate heat control
  • Fully rotatable makes for easy lazy-Susan style sharing
  • Lightweight
  • Holds included cooking grates along with any household pan or wok measuring 12" or more in diameter
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Patent-pending Design

Skewer Holders

  • Unique wave design built to hold virtually any size/shape skewer
  • BOLA Skewers were created specifically for this feature
BOLA Skewers

Cast Iron

Charcoal Grate

  • Removeable charcoal grate for easy clean-up
  • Raised fins for under-charcoal airflow
  • Cast iron material for higher temps and ideal heat-distribution
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right in the middle of your table


Attachments Built to Enhance the Cooking Experience


The only thing limiting you is your imagination

Your Cooks

Unlock the grill's full potential & deliver an incredible dining experience.